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Exclusively trading through Distributors

We trade exclusively through distributors. That means you can sell our products without competing with your own supplier. Our unique business model means that you can sell our products with complete confidence. 

We offer a complete line of quality specialty chemicals.

Browse our high quality brands

CCI prides itself on manufacturing and distributing high quality products that are adaptable to any gaps in your current chemical offering. 


The Custom Care range has been selected along the principles of good quality products at a reasonable price. The Custom Care range consists of traditional and modern liquids and powders.


ProBlue harnesses advancements in technology and microbiology to develop cleaning solutions the industry has never seen before. Our range of products clean the way nature has been cleaning for millenia – with probiotics.


A range of products that are designed with the environment in mind. Prepared from ingredients that have been carefully selected to maximise both ecological and operator safety.


Developed by car lovers and automotive experts, CarFab is the complete range of chemicals for maintaining and protecting all kinds of vehicles. The range includes both interior and exterior assortments of cleaners, degreasers and aesthetically enhancing, technology driven products.

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State-of-the-art Chemical Manufacturing Facilities, Ready to Meet Demand

We trade exclusively through distributors. That means you can sell our products without competing with your own supplier. Our unique business model means that you can sell our products with complete confidence. 

We're Committed to Quality Chemicals

We are committed to producing the highest-quality products, and our manufacturing facility is fully compliant with Australian regulatory standards.

Our in-house chemistry experts oversee production from start to finish, ensuring that every product meets our high standards.

When you buy from CCI, you can rest assured that the product is both safe and effective.

We Make It Easy To Sell Our Products

Our products come with a full range of accompanying resources, like brochures, product dispensers and training materials—all designed to help you sell our products more efficiently and effectively.

Discover the right solution for your business

Find customisable branding and product options with our White Label options and browse our ready-to-sell ranges for distribution.


The Process

Not a creative bone in your body? We have a defined approach that will help get your dreams on warehouse shelves quicker.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service Team will efficiently and accurately handle your order, from initial process and acknowledgement, all the way through to dispatch.


The MPR application is used to process factory orders. Our procurement team makes certain that the materials and components requested from our approved suppliers arrive on schedule. This enables the quality assurance team to check that they meet the requirements for manufacturing use.


All inbound materials are assigned lot numbers and are quarantined until our quality assurance team releases them to our warehouse stores. They are then prepared for manufacturing usage by being stored in their designated areas in accordance with DG storage rules and regulations.

Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance Team has checks and measures in every part of the supply chain. These include the acceptance of materials and components, the assaying of liquid and powder blends, the acceptance of bulk products to be packed down in specified packaging and the final release of sale before dispatch. The quality assurance process operates under the guise of ISO9001 and GMP accreditation.

Raw Materials

All materials are assigned lot numbers from the time of receipt. This ensures traceability of batches and provides crucial information for any quality investigation required.


Compounders are instructed by master batch sheets that have been compiled from customers' IP. These are then approved by customers before being made available for use. All materials required for the recipe are assigned lot numbers which are recorded on the batch sheet to ensure traceability for quality referral. A sample is always taken to be assayed against the quality control specification. On approval, the bulk product is then available for filling.

Filling & Packing

The Filling and Packing Team assembles the packing components as instructed by the master batch sheet. In-line labellers and batch coders are set up for the Quality Assurance Team to approve. Blending tanks and filling equipment are thoroughly washed after packing is complete. A clean tag system is used for traceability. Washout foaming tests are utilised for specified products to ensure there is no chance of cross contamination.

Freight & Logistics

Before Freight and Logistics prepare the packed finished goods for transport, the Quality Assurance Team will perform a final check to ensure the goods meet specifications. Logistics will then prepare the finished goods for transport per the instructions on the master batch sheet. After the goods have been picked up by the nominated transport provider, our Customer Services Team informs customers of the shipping details.

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