Over 32 years of Experience

Custom Chemicals International (CCI) was founded as a family business over 32 years ago, as a small factory producing high quality commercial cleaning products. Since this time, CCI has expanded with the ability to produce specialty products, our own Custom Care range, and now the capacity to produce large volume contract packing.

ISO9001 accreditation

CCI commitment to quality has been the cornerstone of our ongoing success in the chemical manufacturing industry for the past 30+ years. ISO9001 accreditation offers customer’s piece of mind that they are receiving quality assured products of an international standard.

Green In Mind

CCI offers a superior range of kitchen, household, toilet & bathroom, industrial, vehicle, marine, animal care, and natural pyrethrum based products in our extensive product range. With the recently improved Bio-Green range, an environmentally responsible assortment of cleaning products which is included in the CCI product catalogue.