CCI are pleased to advise that our SDS are now available in GHS format.  You can access this by logging onto the link below:

Username: ccisds

Password: ccisds

You will notice that some products have a blue drop down arrow to the left of the product name.  If you click on this you will find a more generic named product which can be used for customers who prefer not to use the CCI product name.

Please note that customers will need to generate their own SDS if they want it to be a different format.

Instructions on how to save a SDS as a PDF to your computer:

  1. Find the required SDS by using the “Find:” box on the left hand side of the screen
  2. Once you have found your required SDS, see the “Actions” column and click the printer symbol
  3. A separate screen will pop-up (check your settings to ensure that pop-ups are allowed)
  4. Click “Change..” in the “Destination” section, and select “Save as PDF”
  5. Click the blue button “Save”

Saving the SDS as a PDF works on both Chrome and Microsoft Edge, if you are having any issues please try on either Chrome or Microsoft Edge or give us a call on 07 3204 8300.