How to make your own Chemical Chart with five Custom Care products:

  1. Please download the word document “Custom Care Chemical Chart Template”
  2. Next, you will see five blue boxes simply click on the “Insert Picture” symbol and insert any five Custom Care products.
  3. Please insert any five .png images from the list below (to save the images, please left click on the desired product then right click on the .png image and save)
  4. Print your customised Custom Care Chemical Chart (we recommend laminating to reduce wear and tear)
  5. If you are wanting less than five chemicals on your wall chart, we have provided two options to insert into the remaining slots, a blank rectangle and one with helpful information (hint: they are at the bottom of the page).
  6. There is also an additional rectangle at the bottom right corner, you are welcome to insert your logo here the dimensions are 3.28cm x 6.59cm, or alternatively, we have provided the CCI logo to insert if you would prefer (hint: it is at the bottom of the page)

To make things easy we have already made images with all the product information for you to easily slot into the template, please see the categories below; Kitchen, Bathroom, General Purpose, Disinfectants and Sanitisers, Laundry and Miscellaneous.

Custom Care Chemical Chart Template




General Purpose