Glass & Window

Glass and Window Cleaner is a hard surface window cleaner concentrate designed to be diluted with water before use.

Sparkle Window Cleaner

Sparkle is a commercial strength glass and perspex cleaner designed specially to be applied to perspex, plate glass, laminated tops, mirrors and plastic coated areas.

Nano Window Cleaner

Formulated with a newly developed and ‘green’ approved nano-additive for hard surface cleaners. It forms a protective layer on glass and polymeric surfaces which repels scale and soils. Nano reduces the tendency of surfaces to mist up - ideal for shower glass, windows and mirrors.

Phos Rinse

Phos Rinse is a highly effective water based cleaner, formulated to remove algae stains, rust marks, water scale, oxidation, soap and body fats, fresh concrete and most stubborn stains.


Valencia is a new generation cleaner containing no free Caustic Soda, no Icinol/Glycol solvents -no biologically “hard” ingredients.

Cleaning Vinegar

Cleaning Vinegar is a commercial grade, white vinegar well known for its anti-bacterial properties and its cleaning power. It is a safe, non toxic way to get your home cleaned, disinfect & chemical free, without compromising your health.