Pro Blue Tabs

PRO BLUE TABS have been specially designed to clean and reduce odour problems associated with urinals. They are loaded with pro-active bacteria - a species of 'probiotic' live bacteria. Each PRO BLUE TAB contains in excess of 3 billion pro-active bacteria and are readily biodegradable.

Pro Blue Total Bathroom Cleaner

PRO BLUE TOTAL BATHROOM CLEANER is a 'probiotic cleaner' - formulated with bacteria to provide enhanced cleaning power that keeps working long after you put the mop away. Quick dry and low foaming. Boosted with gentle organic food acids and 3 different stain digesting enzymes. Ideal for maintenance cleaning in conjuntion with PRO BLUE TABS.

Pro Blue Multipurpose Cleaner

PRO BLUE MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER is a highly effective and environmentally responsible. Naturally occurring microbes prevent the growth of odour-producing bacteria, helping you manage odours and deposit build ups on surfaces in kitchens, lounges, and a multitude of other rooms. Food safe.

Pro Blue Odour Destroyer

PRO BLUE ODOUR DESTROYER is the ideal product for eliminating all odour causing bacteria, can be used in hotel rooms, washrooms, boats, cars, caravans, around the home, and anywhere odours may linger. It will not leave any residues - simply spray onto surface where the source of the odour is located.

Pro Blue Floor Cleaner

PRO BLUE FLOOR CLEANER contains naturally occurring microbes to prevent the growth of odour-producing bacteria, helping you to manage odours and deposit build ups on floors in amenities and kitchens, and a multitude of other rooms. Quick dry and low foaming - no need to rinse.

Pro Blue Laundry Powder

PRO BLUE LAUNDRY POWDER contains a special selection of plant based detergents, grease cutters, enzymes and an army of 'probiotic' species of live bacteria for the removal of general soils, tough stains and pathogens. Specially formulated to provide excellent results in both hot and cold water.

Pro Blue Pongo

PRO BLUE PONGO has been specially designed to deodorise and safely maintain holding tanks in portable toilets and motorhome port-a-loos. Unlike competitor products that use heavy disinfectants to control odours, PRO BLUE PONGO utilises a combination of composting bacteria, with an enhanced and buffered regime of life support to promote their propagation.

Pro Blue Prebiotic Hand Cleanser

PRO BLUE PREBIOTIC HAND CLEANSER is a prebiotic cleaner formulated with actives to provide enhanced and targeted anti-bacterial power that targets just the unwanted, harmful bacteria, whilst retaining the beneficial bacteria.