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H.D Gensolve Extra strength, spice fragranced, caustic based degreaser to replace traditional solvent degreasers.
WB2 Double Strength Degreaser  Heavy duty, water based, alkaline solvent degreaser. Formulated to remove heavy grease, dirt and grime from any badly soiled surface.
Tyre Dressing A solvent based silicone dressing. Rejuvenates tyres and vinyl, leaving a high shine and long lasting finish.
Bus & Truck Wash Formulated for the quick removal of grease and road grime from machinery and vehicles, with the minimum of manual effort.
Wash n Wax
Neutral, silicon free vehicle wash and wax.  Cleans and restores shine in one simple application.
Vinyl Shine Water based silicon polish that restores and protects against weathering and harsh sunlight. For use on vinyl, leather upholstery, plastic and rubber.
ASW -Automagic Safety Wash A non-caustic, wash, wax and degreaser specially formulated for use on trucks, heavy and light mining equipment, engine degreasing, semi-trailers, buses and heavy machinery to remove the most stubborn grease and grime build-up with the minimum of manual effort. 
Penetrator Displaces water from metal surfaces, loosens rusted parts and lubricates. Corrosion protection for ferrous metals.







H.D. Gensolve
WB2 Double Strength Degreaser
Tyre Dressing
Bus & Truck Wash
Wash n Wax
Vinyl Shine

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