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Glass and Window Cleaner
Commercial strength, ammoniated glass cleaner. Leaves glass clean and streak free.
Sparkle Window Cleaner Commercial strength non-ammoniated glass and perspex cleaner. Leaves surfaces clean and streak free.
Sunny Quick Dry Commercial strength, quick drying, non ammoniated glass cleaner made with a smear free formula.
H.D Foaming Cleanser Heavy duty, solvent based, multi-purpose, foaming floor cleaner with glycol solvents and caustic soda.
Mould Off
Kills mould and stops regrowth - Vanilla Scented.
Surface Glow Silicone based spray for cleaning, dusting and polishing surfaces such as laminates, glass, wood, chrome, timber, tiles, vinyl etc. Penetrates, revives and conditions.
Orange Solve All natural citrus oil solvent product, blended with water soluble surfactants.
Phos Rinse A powerful acidic cleaner and descaler.
Valencia Super concentrated, bio degradable, multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser. Boosted with natural orange oil for superior grease cutting power and refreshing aroma.
Graffitti Remover Safe to use graffiti remover for the removal of paint, texture pens etc. off a variety of surfaces. Free of toxic solvents
Inskill Pyrethrin Insecticide A.Q.I.S approved, ready to use non-residual pyrethrin based insecticide. Kills insects on contact. Ideal to use in situations where a non-toxic insecticide is required, eg, around the home, food processing sites, warehouses, abattoirs.
Cleaning Vinegar
Multipurpose household cleaner, well known for is anti-bacterial properties and cleaning power.









Glass and Window Cleaner
Sparkle Window Cleaner Product Information Sheet
Sunny Quick Dry
H.D. Foaming Cleanser
Mould Off
Surface Glow Product Information Sheet
Orange Solve
Phos Rinse Product Information Sheet
Graffitti Remover
Valencia Product Information Sheet
Inskill Product Information Sheet
Cleaning Vinegar

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