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Floor Care

Extractor Carpet Detergent Powerful carpet cleaner for use on woollen and synthetic carpets. Leaves carpets fresh and clean.
GP Pink Ammoniated Cleaner Ammoniated cleaner and detergent for floors and walls.
Big Red HD Floor Cleaner Heavy duty, solvent based floor cleaner with added ammonia.
Rave Neutral Cleaner Professional, neutral floor cleaner specially formulated to not affect polished surfaces. For use in floor scrubbing machines as well as manual floor washing.
Concrete Cleaning Powder Heavy duty degreasing powder to treat grease and oil stains on concrete floors, driveways, or unpainted surfaces.

Extractor Carpet Detergent
G.P. Pink Ammoniated
Big Red H.D. Floor Cleaner
Rave Neutral Cleaner
Concrete Cleaning Powder

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