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Bio-Green Product Range




An Extensive Range of Environmentally Responsible Products

Bio-Green is our latest product range, which includes seven new environmentally responsible products. They are all readily bio-degradable and phosphate free.

Bio-Green is a new generation range of cleaning products with a unique mix of plant wetting agents, water softeners, soaps and essential oils.

Many of the traditional chemicals used to manufacture cleaning products have lost favour as information about their effects upon health and the environment has been more throughly studied and documented.

The Bio-Green range of products have been prepared from ingredients that have been carefully selected to maximise both ecological and operator safety. They are formulated to be ideal for use in septic systems, waste water treatment plants and grey water systems.


Bio-Green All Purpose Cleaner The ideal multipurpose liquid cleanser, formulated to clean a multitude of soils encountered on a variety of surfaces. The product is harmless to all surfaces and rinses streak free for a sparkling clean.
Bio-Green Dishwashing Liquid A new generation cleaner with a unique mix of plant based wetting agents and foaming agents. The product is idea for manual dishwashing and general cleaning, with outstanding skin compatibility and a steady supply of foam.
Bio-Green Toilet and Bathroom Cleaner and Sanitizer A new generation cleaner with a unique mix of plant based acids and wetting agents, boosted with natural eucalyptus oils, while utilizing two naturally derived food acids to attack stains.
Bio-Green Lemongrass Disinfectant A multipurpose germicidal cleaner designed to perform three important functions with one application - disinfect, clean and deodorize. Boosted with cold pressed lemongrass oil.
Bio-Green Liquid Laundy Detergent A fragrant liquid laundry detergent that combines the washing power of a soap powder with the convinence for a liquid. The liquid whitens, brightens and is easy to dispense and rinse out.
Bio-Green Peroxide Boosted Auto Dishwash Powder A modern auto-dishwash powder formulated for use associated with septics and waste treatment plants. A peroxy salt is encluded to generate hydrogen peroxide as an active oxygen bleach, stain remover, deodorizer and sanitiser.
Bio-Green Peroxide Boosted Laundry Powder. Fragrant laundry detergent for use in both commercial and domestic machines. Formulated to provide excellent results in all water conditions. Contains optical brightener and powerful peroxysalts to ensure maximum colour enhancement and removal or stains.
Bio-Green Oxy Spotter
A hydrogen peroxide powered, ready to use carpet spotter. Formulated to remove stains from carpets and fabrics, killing germs around the home and workplace. 





Biogreen All Purpose Cleaner
Biogreen Dishwash Liquid
Biogreen Toilet and Bathroom Cleaner
Biogreen Lemongrass Disinfectant
Biogreen Liquid Laundry Detergent
Biogreen Auto Dishwash Powder
Biogreen Laundry Powder
Biogreen Oxy Spotter
Bio-Green Solar Panel Cleaner

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